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"Flore"- variable and mobile fire.

Whether on the terrace, in the garden or within the apartment range - with the fire column "Flore" can enjoy you simply everywhere a cosy fire and warmth. Center of the model in black or made of high-grade steel is unfolded a Glaszylinder into its inside an alive flame their charm.

By the various possibilities of the structure you can decide at any time for a table or a standing variant.
As table model with small condition feet or elegantly on a glass plate have you guarantees an attractive eyecatcher on each table.
In addition, as condition model with three round-formed feet and a safe glass plate the fire pulls to view again and again on itself.

By the small weight you can always exactly set up where it its cosiness and warmth to the "Flore" spread are.
Ignite and enjoy simply the fire.

Diameter Height
30 cm 102,5 cm

approx. 10kg

Diameter Height
30 cm 42,5 cm

approx. 5kg